Offering a slew of photography and video needs. Everything from the ground to the sky.

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Raptor began in 2016 as little more than a hobby in Chicago. Today, it provides top notch service at affordable prices. Whether your needs are for the sky or land, I can provide (and with both feet firmly placed on the ground)!

I started out obsessed with video in high school. Made little skateboard videos with friends, filmed basement rock concerts, and just anything I could think of. It was a dream of mine to be able to attach a camera to a flying vehicle and remotely film. And now we can!

After studying music business in college, I started breaking back into video and photography. In 2017, I became FAA Part 107 certified. Since then, I’ve worked with clients from Chicago, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and more by providing them with aerial photos and videos for their hotels, realty listings, performance art, etc.

In 2018, I reentered the handheld visual world working in fashion, art, cosplay, live event photography, and more. It’s most recently become my bread and butter, so do not hesitate to contact me!

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“Mike is awesome to work with! He shot my Elsa cosplay at C2E2 2020 & even came prepared with his own ideas specific to my cosplay to make sure we got the best shots possible. I adore every single photo I got back from him.” -Lyssa J Cosplay

Lyssa J Cosplay

“…an absolute pleasure and delight to work with. As someone who is very new to being photographed in cosplay, Mike came both prepared to shoot ideas I had in mind and also with an incredible vision for shooting…his contributions to the shoot are what made it so perfect.” -Ann-Marie McManaman