What is a UAS?

I say I’m certified for the FAA Part 107 commercial regulation for UAS. But what does that mean?

A UAS is an unmanned aircraft system. To put it simply, it’s a drone!

The FAA maintains strict regulations regarding the use of UAS for either personal or commercial purposes. To legally command a commercial UAS operation, the pilot in command must have certification in the FAA regulations Part 107. This includes anything from using the drone to capture footage for an ad campaign, to a contractor taking photos of a roof that needs work. If the photos or video taken on a UAS are intended to be used in a way that will help you conduct your business, then it falls under Part 107. Let s put it this way: If you felt the need to read this page, then you probably need a certified UAS pilot.

Why is this necessary? Drones fly, and that makes them hazardous to every person nearby. No matter how careful you are, there is an inherent risk of collision. Commercial flights usually last longer and launch more often than those executed by recreational pilots. Therefore, the risk of collision increases on an escalating scale. The FAA’s certification requirements are intended to minimize this risk by limiting the number of people drones being used for commercial purposes and making sure those who do have a working knowledge of aviation laws and procedures that will keep them and others safe during those flights.

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