Facebook Cover Video

Facebook is always moving forward by introducing new features for business pages. Cover Video is one of the best features that flew in under the radar. This feature is currently available only to Pages. It’s a great way to spruce up your social media presentation as it really catches the eye. Take the below example. This is the Facebook Page for a Marriott located in Franklin, TN. Prior to my work, they would have static images of their restaurant’s menu, or of a conference room. When you consider their location, so close to Nashville, which is surrounded by green hills, it would make sense to want to showcase that.

Drone photography and film makes this possible because it’s fast, noninvasive, and far more affordable than hiring a helicopter for a day of shooting. Now this hotel has a short video loop that instantly gives page visitors a good look at the hotel, conference center, and the surrounding landscape in ways a single photo might not. It’s a dynamic, one-stop piece of advertising which is invaluable to a hotel or other business where location is its own selling point.

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